NGO, established to help burn patients in their treatment and to set up a complete burn hospital of international standard, at Lahore, through fund raising

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Burn Care is an NGO established by Mr. S.M.Taqweem after an incident, when his beautiful little daughter 5 years old Nabeeha was burnt 45% while playing with candle in 1998.Her ears were melted almost, both cheeks, Arms, chest, belly and both legs were damaged badly. She was taken immediately to a near by clinic, and then to a hospital and it was stunning that there was not a single specialized burn facility available in whole province of Punjab but also in Pakistan. Since there are some hospitals with burn departments but these are not specialized facilities. In the modern world the survival rate for children with burns over 50 percent of their body surface has doubled. Today, patients with burns over 90 percent of the body routinely survive and thrive. But in our world most of such patients dies before reaching and getting any medical facility or if they are lucky and get further life they remain alive with there melted bodies and faces, society ignored them badly due to their ugly appearance. And such patients become psychologically disturbed and live a merciful life.

Being a senior Journalist with a large experience and working at different levels, S.M.Taqweem managed the expenses for the treatment of Nabeeha with the support of his employer, Mir Shakeel-ul-Rehman, Editor-in-Chief Jang Group of News Papers, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, renowned politician Aitzaz Ahsan and so many other generous friends and well-wishers. Finally the Shalamar Hospital sent his daughter to U.S.A. Nabeeha was treats as a protocol patient on the orders of the then Prime Minister but thousands of children and other people who meet with burn incidents in our country daily and most of them expire or are compelled to live with scars, defaced appearance and disabilities sometimes. These people also deserve proper treatment facilities like Nabeeha Taqweem.

During her treatment, first at a private clinic and then at Jinnah Hospital Lahore and finally in United States Of America. Scores of problems and complications where noticed and all these things made a mind to go through for a burn hospital.

Nabeeha Taqveem Burn-Centre (NTBC )A hospital for the treatment of burn patients along with the complete plastic surgery facilities.

 A team of  different class of people including Journalists, Photographers, Businessmen, Showbiz persons, Students, and the people who got some kind of burn injuries and faced no helping hands (but now they are committed to do something for others) who have agreed upon a single purpose to do something for the people who got burn injuries. The sole aim of the team is to establish a Burn hospital in Lahore city equipped with state of the art burn treatment and surgery facilities. At the time an NGO has established under the name of Burn Care for the welfare, treatment and moral help. of burn patients.




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